Wireless motion sensor network for monitoring motion in a process, wireless sensor node, reasoning node, and feedback and/or actuation node for such wireless motion sensor network

Paul J.M. Havinga (Inventor), Raluca Marin Perianu (Inventor), Mihai Marin Perianu (Inventor)

    Research output: Patent

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    Wireless motion sensor network for monitoring motion in a process comprising at least one wireless sensor node for measuring at least one physical quantity related to motion or orientation, feature extraction means for deriving a feature for the measured quantities, a wireless transmitter connected to the feature extraction means for transmitting the derived feature, and the wireless receiver receiving derived features from other sensor nodes, the network further comprising a reasoning node for collecting features transmitted by the at least one wireless sensor node comprising a collaborative reasoning engine for determining further features based on features received by a wireless receiver wherein the further features are determined by calculation and/or a rule set; the wireless motion sensor network comprising a feedback and/or actuation means for intervening in or influencing a monitored process based on the output of the collaborative reasoning engine.
    Original languageUndefined
    Patent numberWO2010NL50024
    Priority date18/01/10
    Publication statusSubmitted - 18 Jan 2010


    • METIS-276766
    • EWI-19632

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