XML views. Part II. Modeling conceptual views using XSemantic nets

R. Rajugan, E. Chang, L. Feng, T. Dillon

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For complex industrial informatics applications, there exists a requirement to model and design views at a higher level of abstraction. Since the classical view definitions are only available at the data, query or instance level, modelling and maintaining views for such complex systems is an impossible task. With the introduction of XML and XML Schema and their rapid adaptation by the commercial and industrial systems increased the complexity further for view design and specification. In this paper we present a methodology for modelling and transforming conceptual views into XML views using a modified semantic network called XML Semantic Net (XSemantic Net). Here we extend the work with a rich set of conceptual operators to enable systematic construction of conceptual views. First the semantic modelling of conceptual view is enabled by using XSemantic nets and its conceptual operators. Then we enable systematic mapping of conceptual views into XML views (logical level) by providing a set of transformation rules between XSemantic nets and XML (view) Schema.
Original languageUndefined
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2004
EventThe 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronic Society (IECON) - Busan, South Korea
Duration: 2 Nov 20046 Nov 2004


ConferenceThe 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronic Society (IECON)
Other2-6 Nov 2004


  • EWI-7311
  • IR-63524

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